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Software languages I have "tasted"

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

The older dates are a bit fuzzy. Often, I used these languages in toy projects.

  • Javascript ~2002 Trying out simple alert scripts
  • QBASIC ~2002 I didn’t consider GOTO harmful :)
  • ASP ~2005 Everything in one file, no functions, an if branch has 1000 lines, Notepad++ zoom out feature was critical to get a bird-eye view :)
  • C ~2006 console application I remember taking 5 hours to fix “if(a=1)” bug :)
  • C++ ~2006 SDL (mini game) I made it work, but I didn’t know what I was doing :)
  • PHP ~2006 String functions were magical
  • ActionScript ~ I played with MacroMedia Flash. If I could manage Hit detection, maybe I would be a game developer today :) I remember trying it every 3 months and failing.
  • Python ~2008
  • Java ~2008 - I was trying to build a simulation, each fish having characteristic genes.
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails) ~2009
  • Node.js 2012 - Async code was so confusing, (Before Promises, Async/Await) it was a callback hell
  • Go 2012 - So simple language, I parsed HTML with the basic functions, it was fun. My introduction to concurrency bugs… I remember it brought a lot of discussion to the language space. Things like auto formatting became default in other languages.
  • Dart 2012 - It was an interesting language.
  • Java (Professionally) 2013 - It was verbose, but it always got the work done. I started to like XML :)
  • Objective-C 2013 - I had to learn Obj-C and write a mobile app in 2 weeks. “String concat” :(
  • Swift 2015 - Well designed language.
  • ABAP 2016 - An old language in a powerful environment. Its design is good for its use cases. I only studied the language part(not ecosystem) writing a arbitrary JSON parser.
  • Rust 2017 - I think Rust might be the biggest Learning Course where a lot of people invested their time as open-source. The subject: learning memory and writing memory/concurrency safe, low level code. The tooling was/is so good.
  • .NET Core 2020 - Open-source Compiler+Spec working on Linux. I think it is a good language.
  • Zig 2023 - After hearing it a few times, decided to watch a few videos by Andrew, I’m sold.

Recently I have worked mostly with Java, JavaScript, Rust. I’m investing in Zig.